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In 1998, the Suslov family set up the Private Musical School "S-ART" in Wroclaw.

Despite the fact that the school is quite new it has been a success. The soloists have been awarded several prizes (e.g. at the International Piano Contest "Citta di Minerbio" in Bologna (Italy). The accordion orchestra Harmonica of the Private Musical School "S-ART" in Wroclaw is the winner of many awards e.g. it took the second place in the Polish Festival of Accordion Music in Mlawa - 2002, the second place in the Polish Festival HARMONIA - VIVA in Wroclaw – 2003, first place in the VII CONCORSO INTERNAZIONALE PER FISARMONICISTI “Citta di Lanciano”.

Galyna Suslova and Olexiy Suslov graduated in accordion and conducting from the Academy of Culture in Moscow. Olexiy graduated also in composition and he has composed a symphony, a string quartet as well as an accordion and chamber orchestra concerto. Both Galyna and Olexiy worked for 25 years as lecturers at the Pedagogical Institute of Ukraine. They have been successful as conductors of accordion orchestras at many international festivals and they have recorded their concertos for the radio and the TV. The President of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education have rewarded them for their work. Olexiy Suslov has performed many times in Moscow, Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, Warsaw, Wroclaw. Berlin, Halle, Graz.